Healthy and Diverse Ecological Farming

It is our responsibility to protect the land left in our care by previous generations.
To maintain a healthy human supported ecosystem through symbiotic interspecies processes and profitable farming enterprises.


Egg Laying Chickens

MAY 2021

Here at the farm we let the chickens do the work! 
They spend their days out in between our olive trees, feeding on their natural diet of insects, keeping infestations low, whilst fertilizing the soil as they move across our groves. Their healthy, organic, free range eggs are collected from the egg-mobile that follows them daily to fresh pastures.



MAY 2021

These grass feed lawnmowers rotate to fresh paddocks almost daily. They ensure the health of our ecology by grazing at appropriate intervals of rest periods for plant life. They are moved on to rested pastures thus preventing soil degradation by overgrazing. As they move through our land they naturally fertilize. It also means they have a healthy, diverse and lush diet.


Olive Production


Most of what we do at the farm is guided towards the health of our olive trees. We care for hundreds of these ancient organisms and respectfully aspire to produce healthy, nutritious, organic produce. We cultivate a variety called Amfissa that is mainly used for table olives but is also pressed into Olive Oil [>0.5%acidity]      from here in the region.

Camping in Mountains

Camping and

Regional Info


We offer basic amenities for campers who want to explore our beautiful region of North Euboea.
Take advantage of unspoiled beaches, mountainous forests, waterfalls and natural heritage sites, all with in close proximity of our humble camp site.

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10ℓ of Olive Oil [<0.5% acidity] 
 from Greece

€83.20 €8.32/

+Shipping Costs

We sell in 10 Liter packages that arrive at your doorstep. Each 10 Liter package contains two 5 Liter bag-in-box oil containers with their own special tap, ensuring freshness and quality.

Buy your yearly supply straight from the hand picked labor of the farmer!

Shipping Costs are NOT included.

We can only ship to EU member states


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