Permistiea Holistic Context

Farming for a healthier, profitable and more diverse ecosystem.

Statement of Purpose

Permistiea’s responsibility is to protect the land left by previous generations. To maintain a healthy human supported ecosystem through symbiotic interspecies processes and profitable farming enterprises.

Forms of Production

-Increase the health, quality and yield of the existing olive trees.

-Mimic natural processes to build top soil and maintain its health.

-Create closed loop systems to minimize waste and maximize outputs.

-Restore and maintain healthy water, mineral and carbon cycles.

-Introduce more diverse and symbiotic organisms.

-Find off-grid solutions for low cost energy inputs.

-Utilize local waste streams for low cost inputs.

-Build a following and create a market that fits our holistic context.

Quality of Life Statements

We are dedicated and available to better the conditions and aspirations of our local community and farmers.

We are motivated by a sense of achievement and pride in our work, whilst enjoying the process.


We are dedicated to be forever educating ourselves, whilst always expanding our experiences to share with and benefit others.

We are financially stable, comfortable and debt free, as well as committed to increasing our wealth for future investments and generations.

We want clean water access and resilience to drought and fires.


We strive for fresh healthy food production and high nutritional, seasonal food consumption.


We encourage clean energy consumption and low carbon footprint living.


We respect all forms of life and their ability to express their natural physiology.

Future Resourse Base


Become the go-to project in the local area for knowledge and information on how to create and maintain healthy profitable farming enterprises. We will be accessible and accommodating to the local community and always help to find solutions with in the scope of our Quality of Life Statements.


Our olive groves will be plentiful, healthy and diverse: from the micro-organisms in our soils to beneficial insects, livestock and the symbiotic relationships that bind us all together will resiliently serve as an example of healthy land ecology for generations to come.