Olive Production

We tend to hundreds of Amfissa olive trees, some dating back hundreds of years.
Since 2020 we have come back to the land to care for our trees. No pesticides and chemical fertilizers have been used on the land for the last 6 years and will continue to not be used.
The oil we extract from our olives are pressed at the local olive mill minimizing time between picking and pressing. This and picking our olives relatively immaturely, raises the percentage of natural phenolic compounds and minimizes the oxidation process.

Furthermore we do not re-filter after the olive mill but allow for gravity separation over a period of time. 

Our oil does not exceed 0.5% acidity. 

Disclaimer: We are not certified to call our oil a "Greek Product" nor to be classified as "Extra Virgin". 

This is due to expensive certification costs that a small farm producer can not afford.

We do not abide to regulations concerning filtration by the E.U.


10ℓ of Olive Oil [<0.5% acidity] 
 from Greece

€83.20 €8.32/

+Shipping Costs

We sell in 10 Liter packages that arrive at your doorstep. Each 10 Liter package contains two 5 Liter bag-in-box oil containers with their own special tap, ensuring freshness and quality.

Buy your yearly supply straight from the hand picked labor of the farmer!

We can only ship to EU member states


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Total Cost Including Shipping (may vary)
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) - €151.60 (€15.16/ℓ)
  2 packages (20) - €265.60 (€13.28/ℓ)
  3 packages (30
) - €386.00 (€12.87/ℓ)
  4 packages (40
) - €503.92 (€12.60/ℓ)

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