Holistic Planned Grazing

Holistic Planned Grazing is a planning process for dealing simply with the great complexity livestock managers face daily in integrating livestock production with crop, wildlife and forest production while working to ensure continued land regeneration, animal health and welfare, and profitability. Holistic Planned Grazing helps ensure that livestock are in the right place, at the right time, and with the right behavior.

Allan Savory, Holistic Management

The grazing plan we use here at the farm was developed by Allan Savory. A method for planning livestock rotational grazing that has enabled farmers to simulate the effects that wild herds once produced on the land.

Savory developed this framework for management that enables people to make decisions that satisfy immediate needs without jeopardizing their future well-being or that of others.

Rooted in a quest to stop the spread of deserts, Allan Savory's Holistic Management and its underlying framework, can also be used to better manage any situation that involves a web of social, economic and environmental complexity.